Cape Tribulation

On our way to Cape Tribulation, we traveled along the Coral Sea to Mossman Gorge for some free time to explore and take a cool dip in a waterfall pool. I jumped off the waterfall a couple times, and even did a back-flip once! Of course, my camera is too slow to capture any of this in the low rain forest light (hint: get me a new camera).

Then it was into the Daintree National Park, where we settled in for the night in preparation for a day of adventure. The next day started off with a great jungle hike through the Daintree, where we explored the different levels of canopy, vegetation, and animal life. We saw some green ants who hold a sour secret - you can bite (or lick) their butts for a tart but tasty treat. I tried it, and it wasn't that bad. What made it worth it though, is the look on everyone's face as you eat an ant.

We hiked up to Cape Tribulation, one of the only spots in the world where the rain forest meets the beach. The view was just so invigorating and calming at the same time, like focused energy.

On our way back to the lodge, we saw a cassowary! These are huge birds, like ostriches, that are descended from dinosaurs and are extremely endangered. It's like spotting a leprechaun.

The afternoon was spent doing one of my all-time favorite adventures, jungle surfing. Basically you're attached to a zip-line and you fly from tree to tree, so high above the rain forest floor that I couldn't see it through the canopy! I even zipped along upside-down on one of the legs.

On the way back to Cairns, we stopped at Port Douglas, the celebrated beach resort town. Despite the town's tony reputation, we saw some great Aussies drinking full pints of ale at about 10am. Nice job, guys! Meanwhile, I got a pedicure.

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