Capricorn Coast

Lots of bus time along the Capricorn Coast. Here I am at the Tropic of Capricorn in Rockhampton, the heart of Australia's beef industry and the "gateway to the tropics":

Fun fact: the students in Rocky, as they call Rockhampton, like to break the...bullness...off the bull statues all over the city, and then keep them as trophies.

We went to a really cool crocodile farm, where we not only saw some huge (5 meters) crocs, but also got to see a baby croc hatch. All the babies are named Gucci because that's who the croc farm markets their croc leather to...ha!

Nibbling already

This yellow stuff attached to the croc's stomach is the egg yolk.
It will feed him as he learns to eat solid food.

Proud papa

Then we all held a 2-foot long croc called Harley (the owner likes to brag that he owns 7 Harleys).

After some fun at the local pubs, including some great dollar-bets (nice one, Dodgy Rob), it was off to Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays.

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