After seventeen really boring hours on a plane, I landed in Sydney last night. I took a really cool ferry ride through Sydney Harbor to Manly, a peninsula to the northwest, and spent most of the time on Manly Beach, on the ocean side.

on the ferry from Sydney's Circular Quay to Manly

I swam in the Pacific for the first time!

Sydney's Manly Beach

The sand is very fine here, which makes it soft, and it's a warm golden color. There was a surfing exposition going on, including a small clinic. I'll be gracefully wiping out on the waves soon enough, so I decided to pass on this surf class.

Sydney's Manly Beach

Manly has a big promenade that's a lot like Miami Beach's own Lincoln Road. The Wharf starts at the small harbor-side beach and looks onto Sydney Harbor, which was filled with sailboats and yachts. I saw a almost-collisions and one capsized monohull - the people on-board flipped it back and kept right on sailing, so no worries.

Sydney Harbor from Manly Wharf

Sydney Harbor

On the ride back, I had to get a shot of me in front of the Opera House.

Sydney Opera House


Anonymous said...

Hello Mona, What great pictures, thank you for posting and telling us about Sydney and your tours!! We are learning abourt Australia through your eyes, how cool!!

Keep on posting and have fun!!!!

Mami, Papi and "the Boys"

Nicotico said...

I guess there is no possible way you could go on a trip to Australia and not post a picture of the opera house.

amparo~ said...


i loooove the picture with your hair down in front of the Opera House! it's the best one yet!

so, the day after we talked, like i said i would, i looked up some more fun tour stuff for you beyond what we discussed but before i even left work (was gonna call from home to be able to calmly get into details) monica called to tell me you had already booked this trip and were leaving in two days! so that was that!!

it sounds like you got exactly what you wanted which is so great! this will definitely be a Peak Life Experience you will talk about forever. every life needs a few of those, although most lives never even have one.

keep posting pitures!!!


Anonymous said...

We want pictures!!!