Gold Coast

We left Sydney for the Gold Coast, stopping along the way at a famous Australian point break, Lockhead Point.

Then it was lunch and beach time in Byron Bay, a really cool hippy-arty town that's become a little posh, kind of like SoHo in New York but on the beach. It was really charming, but unfortunately we had to press northwards.

I got to hold a koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

There are also lots of grey and red kangaroos, crocodiles, birds, and other Australian wildlife everywhere, and the non-dangerous ones are just hanging out so visitors can go right up and hang out with them. The Sanctuary's motto is "Get Closer," and I really got to - check out the baby joey!

We finally ended up in Coff's Harbour, a nice little town where we had a barbeque and drinks by the beach.

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